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Thursday, 15 May 2014


We left the boat on the moorings today and went for a walk into the Saxilby hinterland. We walked south towards the Old Wood near Skelligthorpe when we got the first glimpse of Lincoln Cathedral.

Lincoln Cathedral in the distance.

There are many footpaths and bridle ways with the off small holding and house. One of which had geese and this peacock standing guard. 

Peacock standing guard.

As we approached the village of Doddington we passed some nice houses that seemed to have been made from farm buildings and houses. One was called the Bull Pen and had this lovely weather vane.

One of the most expensive looking weather vanes I have ever seen.

When we came out on the road we were at the church that was almost in the grounds of Doddington Hall. Next to that was a farm shop etc that sold Farrah and Ball paint! Says a lot about an area that. The footpath went round the side of the house. Doddington Hall is an Elizebethan Hall that has been in the same family since it was built between 1593 and 1600. It seems to have passed down many times through the female side of the family so the names have changed though. There is a walled courtyard garden and gabled gatehouse. There are also some very rare Flemish tapestries too.

Doddington Hall.

We then walked on to Harby and joy of joys there was a pub, and it was open, and it had some nice beer too. I tried the Lincolnshire Gold from Tom Wood Brewery and Jeffery Hudson Bitter from Oakham Brewery. The JHB was particularly nice, but after a long walk in the sun the first pint hardly touched the sides. We then started on the way back and stopped for our pack up of cornish pasty and bits.

Field of rape that is just starting to go over. In other fields the flowers have all but died.

I took this photo as it reminded me of snow flakes.

We were back at the boat just after 1500 and sat out in the sun with a cup of tea and a book. A lovely walk in lovely weather and a reckon about 10 miles. Helen recorded 24000 steps on her pedometer. We will sleep well again I expect.

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