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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Back to the beginning.

It started to rain about 0830 so that put us off starting off early and by 1000 the rain had stopped anyway and we were off. We made the turn into the Drakeholes Tunnel in one and then puched on to the next lock. Gringley Top Lock.
 Gringley Top Lock.

Shaw lock came soon after and the day was warm and the scents of the blossom was heady and all seemed right with the world. At Walkeringham we passed the old abandoned brick works that was actually the last destination of any cargo on the Chesterfield Canal. After the brick works became non commercial barges used to pen out into the Trent and shovel up the mud at low tide. The mud was called warp, and was very fine. It was then brought up to the brick works where it was dried and sieved until only the finest and softest grains were ;left. This was then sent to Sheffield where it was used for polishing or cleaning in the cutlery trade. The boat trade finished in 1956 but the production of warp continued using dredgers and trucks in 1981.

 Waleringham Brick works chimney.

The hawthorn bushes are fully in blossom now and they make a real show. On the hedge in this length the cow parsley and the may blossom makes it look like a produced bedding plan. Helen said that she would like to furnish a room in greens and whites to look like the side of the cut.

Hedges near Misterton.

We decided to stop at Misterton to go to the butchers there. W. Howe's is a lovely place and we love the pork pies, cornish pasties and haslet. It is well worth a visit. On the way to the shop we passed an old WWII building that had been used as the library until recently. The library had moved in to the old board school that had been vacated. They don't make buildings like that any more.

Board school of 1872 with clock tower and school masters house, Misterton.

I saw this empty shell by the boat. I wonder if they are edible!

It wasn't too much further down the canal until we came to the end moorings. I saw a chap who we had seen from a boat previously and he told me that there were seven to pen out in the morning! We walked down later to see if we could have a chat to the lock keeper but he wasn't there. 

This is the warehouse by the lock. It is dated 1789

Date stone at warehouse.

We then decided to visit the White Hart Pub at West Stockwith. As previously it was busy at 1700. I tried the Idle Tongue pint from the Idle Brewery that is brewed on the premises. I then tried the Black Abbot. I normally don't go for heavy beers but this was quite tasty. I then tried it half od Black Abbot and half of Idel Dog and it was very nice indeed, a black and tan. To finish I had an Idle Dog on it's own and loved the toffee flavour. By now the rain had stopped and we made our way back to the boat. If it hadn't been raining I would have stopped at three, honestly. Lovely pub with chatty locals and interested landlord and lady, well worth a visit. Bed early I think as we will have to be ready for anything by 0700 in the morning.

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