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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

First day.

I had the best of intentions of getting up early and starting the day, but as it was raining I decided to get up at our normal time. After breakfast I had a look at a few jobs and set too with the shower first. Then there was a bit of cleaning up.

I then went out for a walk to start doing the 'shopping'. I have a list of things to purchase and I was determined to wander around the various shops to get the best price possible. I walked around and looked at prices and bought one or two things but will go back through the week to get them by the by, as that will get me around the town. I did find a long handles wire brush with a scrapper on the end that will be good for doing the engine hole. It was 99p but wasn't the best quality so we will have to see how it goes.

One thing I didn't mention when we were in Retford before is the Broad Stone. This is now sited outside the Town Hall. It reminds me of a stone at Eyam, the 'plague village' in Derbyshire. The story goes that during the plague years in England, around 1558 and 1664 it was used as a boundary marker. The base is probably the base of an old Dominie Cross and the bowl on top was used to for the paying for supplies brought to the boundary to sustain the town as it was closed down to prevent the spread. The money to pay for the goods was left in the bowl in vinegar as a disinfectant.

The Broad Stone, Retford. The Inscription on it says 'The Broad Stone of the Borough of East Retford' and 'Restored to the Borough of East Retford by J A Gylby Esq AD 1877'.

When I got back I wrote up the log. This is not easy for me as my writing is almost unreadable so I had to try really hard to be neat. When Helen had got home she found that we had had an enforcement notice. This means that they say we haven't followed the regulations regarding moving around the system on a progressive system at least every 14 days. We were in Bluewater Marina in Thorne over winter and since 3oth April have not been in one place for more than three nights in a row. We have a Continuous Cruising Licence that means we have to follow this regime. I have emailed Michael Hill, the C&RT Enforcement Officer to find out what our transgression was. If it is being in a marina with a continuous licence surely being offline and having paid a mooring fee can not mean we are doing anything wrong. I look forward to receiving the reply.

This afternoon there was a sharp knocking on the boat and when I popped my head outside there was a couple standing there and asked whether we were from Hedon, Near Hull, as that was written on the boat! It urns out that they had just moved to Retford from a village near Burstwick and that the feller worked in Hedon. It is a small world, and after a good chat they left to continue their shopping. It is amazing how often people come up and say they know the area and have a chat. For a name that we dreamed up on the spur of the moment it has managed to rustle up some nice chats.

There is a bit of touching up paint outside but the weather is now to be showery so looks like I may not be able to get on with it. I'm sure that we will find other jobs to do.


  1. Hi there,
    Interesting info as always in your blog! You mention Eyam - have you read the book Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks about the village and how they handled the plague by isolating themselves? It is excellent - she's a great writer.
    It's a while since I posted a comment on your blog - and now we are down to 18 days before we arrive in the UK to head for our boat and start 4.5 months of cruising! Very exciting!
    We'll keep an eye out for you and Helen.
    Cheers, Marilyn and David McDonald, nb Waka Huia

    1. Hi Marilyn, 18 days! you will be unable to sleep by now I should think. I have been to Eyam several times and it is a lovely little village but I haven't read the book. Where are you picking Waka Huia up from? We will be leaving the Chesterfield next week and heading for Lincoln and Boston. We will pass down the Trent then and have no plans after that. Maybe the Erewash, but we will have to see. Hoping that we will be able to meet up around the cut somewhere. Will you be writing a blog? I hope the packing and the preparations for leaving/arriving goes well and the flights are comfy. Where are you stopping over?
      See you soon, Tony

  2. Hi Tony, No trouble sleeping as I am very busy finishing up my work contract - last day next Friday. David is flat out too completing digital publishing people's films/videos before we go as well. We are also busy socially - dinners, catching up with friends before we leave. An 'at home' is planned for next Sunday - a very NZ do, as everyone is bringing a plate of finger food and their tipple, so an easy for me to organise.
    We are arriving at the boat at Barton in Fabis on the Trent (about an hour from Trent Lock) on Tuesday 27th May. We'll be leaving there and heading for Trent Lock probably on the Wednesday as our initiation and training. We'll be moored there for a couple of days as we transfer the contents of the Long Eaton shops in to the boat, and then have a play up the Erewash before some river-savvy boating friends arrive to join us on our way to Willington.
    The boat currently is un-named, but is moored at Barton in Fabis very near a wide beam called Duchess. Waka Huia is a lovely 63' semi-trad, dark blue with a cream panel for the name to go, windows from the stern to the side hatch, large portholes from the side hatch to the cratch.
    Tony, it would be just great to meet up with you and Helen very early in our cruising, so please loiter with intent!!
    I am planning on writing a blog to keep friends and family updated with what's happening, and hopefully encouraging them to come and join us when on holiday in the UK.
    I have made lists, got a large plastic container of stuff accumulating under the bed, but no actual packing as yet! I'm starting that tomorrow - I'll do all the clothing, minimal amount of bedding, any kitchen stuff we are bringing (not much, am planning an Argos and Robert Dyas raid ...) and David is in charge of technology! Fortunately we are flying Singapore Air, so have 30kg each, and only a 3 hour stopover. One night at Jury's Inn at Hatton by LHR to avoid rush hour driving after flying for 24 hours, and then on our way up the M1.
    So not long to go - 16 sleeps and 5 more work days, yippee!
    Looking forward to meeting up with you soon. Cheers, Marilyn and David

  3. Hi Marilyn, It looks like we will be there or there abouts when you get to the UK. There is a problem at Holmes Lock on the Trent at the moment. C&RT say it should be completed by mid May but rumours say it may be a lot later. We will have to see. We were thinking of having a look up the Erewash so you never know. We will definitely keep our eyes open and let us know your blog address so we can home in on you when we get close. Exciting times for you. Cheers for now, Tony and Helen.