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Monday, 19 May 2014

Leaving Lincoln.

The sun was still shining even though the weekend was over so we ambled off to the shopping parks outside the city to see what we could see. We managed to find some plates to match those already on the boat at TK Max and a reduced sheet at Asda Living. It was then B&M Bargains to see what we could see and then on the way back willed the bags with a shop at Morrisons.

We got back to the boat, had a cup of tea and went to settle up with the Harbour Master and then got ready to leave. The Harbour Master was then knocking on the roof asking when we were going as there were two narrow boats causing mayhem on his moorings and if we were going he could put them there. We left straight away. One of the boats then caused mayhem with us by pulling out of a finger pier without looking and then swinging in front of us an expecting us to guess where he was going. We managed to miss each other though so continued.

The Barge restaurant on Brayford Pool had a fire a while ago I understand. The damage doesn't appear too severe but it is still closed.

Tucked away in the corner is where the River Witham leaves the Pool. On the bridge are the words 'Where have you been?'. On the other side it asks 'Where are you going?'. The cut narrows and you squeeze through the Glory Hole. This is a 14th Century bridge with 16th Century buildings on it and it is now the only bridge in Britain with buildings on it. The bridge is vaulted and was widened in 1540 when the shops were built.

The Glory Hole on the River Witham, Lincoln.

Alongside the River Witham is the fairly recently developed Waterside. The highlight is the sculpture 'Empowerment' by Stephen Broadbent. It was erected in 2002 and was sponsered by Alstom Power and is supposed to echo the shape of turbine blades.

We were soon passing a couple of 19th Century factories and came to the weir and Stamp End Lock. The upper gate is a guillotine gate but is powered.  As I had it raised and Helen drove in a GRP cruiser arrived and luckily fitted in snuggly with us.

Stamp End Lock guillotine gate.

We were soon through and another GRP boat waiting to come up meant that we could leave the bottom gates open and step aboard easily. We were then into the River Witham proper and it is wider than the Fossdyke but the banks are just as high so other than the views of the churches of nearby villages, invariably the highest point in the village there was little to see. However there was plenty of wild life to watch.

Our lock partner passed us and heading for lunch.

We saw swallows and swifts, mute swans. common terns, Great Crested Grebes, geese, mallards, dragon fly and lots of the usual 'garden birds' too.

Several pairs of Great Crested Grebes were passed but only this one would pose.

On the right bank used to be a railway but is now the Water Rail Way and so had a few dog walkers and cyclists to wave to and also this nice corn arch.

Corn Arch Sculpture on the Water Rail path.

We passed Washingborough and Fiskerton and stopped at Bardney Lock to take on water. There was a weed cutting boat here that seemed to be concentrating on the moorings area. On the way between Washingborough and Bardney there were several places where the blanket weed spread right across the water but only for a narrow band so I could stop the prop and drift through so that I didn't pick it up.

Weed cutting boat at Bardney Lock.

We turned round to get the water and then headed back to the visitor moorings where a couple of boats had shuffled up to make room for us. It is lovely and quiet here.

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