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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Boston bound.

At last we were going to be getting to Boston. It seems that we have been heading that way for weeks now but it is actually it is only 13 days! First we had to get up! It had been a little dull and drizzly at about 0530 so I just rolled over again, and loo and behold by 0800 it had stopped being damp and was just dull. We got under way and just went under the bridge and tied up at Geordie's jetty. We needed fuel. In the end we filled up and it took 134 litres to top off. It means that we have used less than I thought we had so pleased with that. The bloke at the yard was very chatty and seemed to have worked at a few places between here and Calcutt Marina.

We then set off to the end of the River Witham. The way was very straight and as the weather was not very nice, even chilly in the breeze blowing down the cut between the banks. The only bend was at Anton's Gowt where the Navigable Drains are accessed. We hope to have a bit of a poke about down there on the way back.

Anton's Gowt moorings with the entrance to the Navigable Drains between the two pontoons.

After the bend 'The Stump' or St Botolph's Church stands out against the skyline and got closer and closer. The C&RT visitor moorings are the first ones you come to. The wind was blowing straight down the cut and the current was also flowing. There didn't seem to be much space and the moorings are on mainly on pontoons sticking out into the river. I rounded up and went round the back of the pontoon to see what was what as we needed water. Looking at the plan I could see we were in a long term mooring slot. Mind you the only other practical berth was also designated as long term but as it was much easier to take water from there we moved on to it. We have had to go bow in which is not our preferred way but may change over if the wind drops and we have nothing else to do. By the time we had filled the water tank the rain had started to fall and in the wind had got cold.

Boston Stump marking the end of the River Witham Navigation. The Visitor Moorings are on the left.

It was still raining when we went out to explore. As it was raining we didn't linger but headed straight for the shops for some food. We did try the Tourist Information Office but it was closed on Monday and Tuesday. Bosotn seems to get a bad press regarding the number of foreign nationals living there and there were lots of accents but the place didn't seem 'over run' in its look. There were a few European shops but not drawing attention away from the lovely assortment of buildings and the wide well laid out market square. There were a couple of narrow 'Shambles' type shopping streets, and there seemed much to explore tomorrow. We didn't hang about with the rain and didn't take any photos. We did stop for a rest from the heavy bags at The Carpenters on the way back and had a great pint of Bateman's Yella Belly. We noticed that pub near the jetty, The Witham' was having a quiz tonight so thought we would see if we could take the wooden spoon.


  1. Hi just to let you know I was speaking to a couple today who said they'd bought an item in the Boston marks as that is near where they live. I naturally told them about you and about heading there. Turns out they live in Coningsby! Again I said about the places along the way that you'd visited and that your blog made an interesting read. She said did you visit the church there as it only has one hand but they can still manage to tell the time. So I said that I would pass it on to you. Hope you're keeping warm and dry. This weather is appalling!
    Bye for now

    1. Hi Heather, We didn't actually go into the Coningsby village as we cut through to the air base from Tattershall on footpaths. They are a funny lot round here and is a bit like time forgot so maybe an hour here or there will be no hardship for them to misplace! It is a bit dull but it isn't cold and it isn't stopping us getting out and about. Cheers for now, Tony and Helen.

  2. Hi Helen and Tony, Well we are here, we are on our boat, and we are coping with the jetlag - far better than we usually do: evidence is that we are still awake and it's 1845.
    We are moored in Sawley Marina, using it as a base to do the shopping for equipment we need - mainly kitchen and bedding stuff. Today we've driven to Derby, to Long Eaton, walked for miles and now we are exhausted. We may venture out on the boat tomorrow if the weather fines up a bit (would head for the Erewash to go as far as the winding hole at Long Eaton), but David has a mission to accomplish re acquiring a TV and associated aerial.
    We are leaving the marina for definite on 1 June, but until then plans are remaining flexible - needs for restorative sleep are the driver!
    Cheers, Marilyn and David (email: