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Friday, 16 May 2014

Lazily to Lincoln.

Our first job was to hop over to the other side of the cut to take on water. Whilst there I leapt the wall to visit Tongs DIY. They had everything I needed too. We were off around 1030.

Saxilby Visitor moorings.

The Fosse Dyke is quite straight with high banks and on this stretch has the A57 on one side and a railway on the other. So it was all about the destinations. After about an hour we put into Barton Waters to take some diesel. Once through the flood bank it seemed that we had arrived at the south coast of Spain. The marina has lots of very white GRP cruisers and the water in overlooked by sympathetic housing. The staff dealt with us swiftly but the girl taking the money never cracked her face! The shelter over the pumps had many swallows nests so we spent a while watching them dart about. We couldn't hear any chirping of young though.

Burton Waters Marina

A further hour of easy steaming brought us to Lincoln. We passed a good length of long term moorings and approached the Brayford Pool. We had booked a mooring with the Harbour Master that turned out to be just before the Pool but was quite okay for us. It was a good job we had booked as with the good weather the visitor moorings were filled up very quickly and we are staying until Monday. After lunch we decided to get our bearings by a walk about. We ended up going up Steep Hill to the Castle and Cathedral.

Lincoln Cathedral from Steep Hill.

The Jews House and Court on Steep Hill.

It seems that there is a Roman theme this weekend so we may see Legionaries wandering around the place and we should be able to fit in a guided walk too. We had a poke about in the nick knack shops and actually didn't buy anything!

South side of Lincoln Cathedral.

Light from the stain glass window on the stonework just in the main door of the Cathedral.

The main entrance to the Cathedral. As with many of our old buildings there is ongoing restoration work going on.

We now have an idea what we can do over the weekend and where the shops are that we will need. It is just the pubs we need find now. We are expecting guests to visit tomorrow so we had better have a good clean around in the morning.

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