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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mile by mile.

There seemed to be plenty of rain through the night and the early morning but by the time we had had breakfast and listened to the Archers we decided we needed a bit of fresh air despite the possibility of showers. We were also looking for a Sunday Newspaper. We put together a walk using old field byways to get us to Clarborough where one of our maps showed a shop. The track took us up the small hill but it is surprising what a difference of 60m makes as the view was extensive across the Idle Valley. The big skies meant that we had plenty of warning of imminent downpours but we were luck as we just got a few drops on us

View from the hill above Hayton.

Our route got a little more muddy for the stretch in the photograph.

We walked into the village of Clarborough to find that the village shop had been closed for a while. We were disappointed but were grateful of the fresh air. We just past the Kings Arm pub when we saw there was a brand new Spar shop and they had the newspaper of choice. Mind you when we got back to the boat they had put the wrong supplements in the paper. It will make a change I suppose. We walked back down the tow path to our mooring and beat a bit more of a shower by a minute!

Our mooring at Hayton.

We had a bite of lunch and the first run through the paper and then summoned up the energy to move. The mooring is 24hr so we thought that if boats were coming they would be arriving soon. Just as I popped my head out a boat was just passing. I asked if they had hoped to moor here and as they were I hurried our departure and left them to a nice little spot. We only moved about a mile to a towpath mooring in the middle of nowhere. The wind was blustery with no shelter from hedges etc so we had to be a bit sharpish about getting moored up as the wind was blowing us off. We had put a load of washing on so I am hoping that with the wind and a good chance of showers missing us it may be dry very quickly.

Tonight's mooring.

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