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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Shirt off, so day off!

We woke up late as we seemed to have woken up a few times through the night. I think they were working through the night in a field near by. They are preparing a seed bed for some sort of vegetable. Next to the canal it is onions but I'm not sure what it will be. The sandstone in the area gives a nice soil for root crops I reckon. When we did get up  the sun was blasting away and it was soon nice and warm so we decided to go for a walk.

 A path through Barnby Fox Covert. Ranby Estates have opened up woodlands for the public to walk through.

We walked down the tow path to the Forest Middle Top Lock and then cut through the woods to get to Barnby Moor. We were then off the map but thought that we could follow some paths that led off the map and extrapolate. There were some lovely green lanes but unfortunately the path we were expecting wasn't there so there was some retracing of footsteps. When we got back on track the other end of the track that was 'missing' was there. Still it was a lovely walk in fantastic weather. Just before getting back to the boat I found some nice size beech branches to took them back and sawed them up for the winter.
I wonder if these con trails actually meet at a point or at various altitudes. Still quite a coincidence.

When we were at Doncaster we bought a couple of bunches of gerbera flowers for £1. They have finally given up the cost. They still seemed to have a bit of life and colour in them so I was loath to through them away. In the end I committed them to the deep in the cut so hope that they make somebody smile when they see them.

Some of the gerbera heads floating off in the canal.

Looking back through the logs it seems that we saw our first swallow on 23rd April last year and this year it was the 11th April so they seem to be well ahead. I wish I could remember to record first sightings of various things (is it phenology?). It is only afterwards that I think about it. Maybe next year!

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