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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Biding our time.

There was a very heavy shower at breakfast but we have been lucky for the rest of the day. As there was no chance of us going anywhere before breakfast, or anytime soon after we had nice weather. We had to move on as the mooring was only 24 hours. Mind you others on the mooring don't seem to follow the regulations quite so strictly. The weed cutting boat was out before we had even finished our first pot of tea.

The trip to Fiskerton Fen was only about 40 minutes at almost tick over and there isn't too much to see on the way. Mind you I did whip round when I spied a naked jogger on the Water Rail Path. It turned out to be a wood sculpture!
Wooden Sculpture on the Water Rail Track.

We were soon moored up on the Fiskerton Fen moorings. There was a Mirror dingy just ready to set off. They must have come down from Lincoln as there is no road access to the jetty. They disappeared down the cut. Later we saw them come back a little faster as the wind had increased and passed on the way back towards Lincoln. Just by the mooring is Fiskerton Fen Reserve. It is a wetland that was formed when huge amounts of clay were removed to raise the banks of the River Witham between 2002 and 2004. We went to have a walk round and took the binoculars to see what we could see.

Helen scanning the pond from the Fiskerton Fen Hide.

There was nothing too flash but we did see Creasted Grebes, Reed Buntings, Herons, swallows and house martins, black headed gulls, common terns, tufted duck, mallards and swans with cygnets. We walked down to Short Ferry to post some cards. We didn't see the marina that is marked on one of the guides and I think that it is now for anglers. We got back for lunch after which Helen set to to bake a Victoria Sandwich that I am hoping to sample later.

The hide at Fiskerton Fen is built like a round house to represent those that had lived here in the past.

Common Terns on the landing stage. Not Arctic Terns as they have the dark end to the bill and darker tail feathers.

Todays berth on Fiskerton Fen pontoon, and to press we are all alone and it is lovely and peaceful.

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