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Monday, 5 May 2014

Left with fruit cake.

The sun was out this morning but I knew it wouldn't last as Helen was going home today and leaving me and Macy on the boat. We got to the station nice and early and were awed by the power of the east coast mainline trains that didn't stop at the station powering through. I do like my trains. Helen was catching the Hull Trains so there was no change for her and she would be home in just over an hour and a half.
 Helen waiting on Platform 2 Retford Station.

Helen has left the building.

Retford has quite a nice station building.

As I walked back I noticed these old brick and tile signs. These were the days when they could afford these sort of details. I feel that I should record them when I see them as eventually they will all be lost. I could make it another little project

This Co-op store had several departments as there was a butchery department sign.

Carr Foundry was set up by William Bradshaw and it specialised in rainwater pipes, guttering, stoves, fireplaces and general castings.

When I got back to the boat I washed the fore deck and left it to dry. After lunch I went back and painted it with the very light grey paint that we had. It looked good when I had finished but later there was flies, leaves and dust on it. Oh well it will add to the anti skid texture I suppose.

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