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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Hull is again on the map.

Well, Hull  nearly won the FA Cup! The dream didn't come true but we certainly weren't rolled over and made the best final in donkey's years. Well done Hull. Yet again Hull getting brighter on the map.

We had friend, Sandra and Mike, come to see us so we went and brought a few provisions before they arrived. When they got here we went to meet them to guide them the last few yards. Like many cities they knew where to go but the road system wouldn't let them. It was great to see them both. After a bit of a natter we decided to take them for a short cruise. We set off into Brayford Pool to turn round and then headed up towards Torksey Lock again.

The River Witham come in to the Pool from the right and then flows out under this bridge and onward to Boston. The canal from here changes from the Fossdyke Navigation to the Witham Navigation.

On the north bank of the Pool is a strip of restaurants and bars and a cinema, and with weather like today the place was full of people. There is also a trip boat that goes up and down and was doing a good street.

North bank of Brayford Pool.

After we had turned and were making our way out again I handed over control of the vessel to Mike who showed his prowess at the tiller by not hitting anything that he shouldn't have.

 Mike concentrating at the tiller.

We were thinking of going to Burton Waters and turning there but we saw that there was room at the Woodcock Pub moorings so we parked up for lunch. Afterwards we decided to carry on to Saxilby. There was no room on the moorings so we just went past with the idea that we would wind and head back again. I can vouch that you can not turn a 60' boat in the width of the canal around here. In the end we went up to Drisney Hook where there is a drain that enters the Fossdyke. As it turns out there is an underwater cill to prevent getting the bow under the bridge but there was just enough with a couple of feet to spare to get us round and heading back. 

As we approached Burton Waters again I managed to give Mike some bad information and we ended up going aground!! It took us a while but we were off and running without resorting to anything drastic and were back in Lincoln to get the second half and extra time of the football. The other good thing was that Rovers beat Hull FC in the Rugby League derby in Manchester. (It is a Hull thing).

The gang after a day of non stop chat to catch up.

A bit different from when they played in the 10 Foot behind Mollison Road in Hull fifty years ago.

It was great to see them both but we are a little embarrassed that we never stopped chatting enough to offer them something to eat before they went home. Next time we will do better I promise. So you again soon we hope.

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