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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Tranquility Base.

We woke up early to a lovely day and I was out sitting in the sun by about 0630. Last night was great as we watched a barn owl hunting and catching mice to take back to the nest. It was a beautiful evening. We then sat and enjoyed the sun until 1100 and then set off as our 24 hrs was up. A cruiser had just arrived and it turned out that they had lived close to our place in Holderness so we had a little chatter. We were chugging along at just over tick over as it was so warm and pleasant on the water.

A better photo of the corn sculpture that we saw on the way down now before Five Mile Bridge.

A bit further up we saw this sculpture of a cow that we missed the first time.

Greetwell Hall near Cherry Willingham east of Lincoln.

Trying to look over the flood banks

We got to the pontoon at Washingborough to find it empty. By the time we had had lunch though there were two narrow boats there that had cruised from Clayworth on the Chesterfield. They are veterans we learn after a chat. We went for a walk up to the village just to stretch the legs and see what was there. When we got back I had the choice of sitting in the sun and reading or doing a job I had been putting off for a while. I decided on the job. The base plate in the engine hole had rusted and the paint flaked off. It had been allowing water in until I had fixed it this last winter. It was now nice and dry and the sun would help. I had to cram my self into the hole and scrape and wire brush the base plate and then paint it with rust converter. It will then be ready to paint. I will get some paint when we get back to Lincoln and the next fair day I will do the other side and then paint the two. Hopefully it will be good for a while then.

Condition of port side of engine hole.

St'bd side after removing surface rust and paint and covering with rust converter.

Macy has been enjoying the sunshine, even on the pontoons where there is no grass for her. She automatically goes on to her place where she can look out of the window and then we stop she wants to be out to see where we have ended up this time.

Macy looking a bit chubby, but she isn't that bad I promise.

Sorry this didn't go out last night. Something must have happened, like me pressing the wrong button!

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