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Monday, 12 May 2014

Lock free day.

We set off about 1000 and put the washing machine on. It had been lovely waking up to no traffic noise and the bleating of lambs from the field opposite. Macy enjoyed exploring the tow path too.

Approaching Clayworth there was this lovely house with its own mooring and swans and cygnets.

Just before the start of Clayworth moorings of the Retford and Worksop Boat Club was another old warehouse with the normal big doors on the second floor. We stopped off at the services at the R&WBC to fill up with water and to dump the garbage. It had been a very pleasant journey from the mooring. We passed to workers that were very orange in their boilersuits. A little further was a surveyor on the offside with a well equipped truck. I wondered if they were anything to do with surveying for HS2 as the route impinges on the Chesterfield Canal five times apparently.

Just outside Clayworth was this lovely barn complex.

The May is really out now and the smell mixed with the rape is heady, and not that good for some hay fever sufferers.

St Peter's at Clayworth is a 13th century church and looked dwarfed by the big clouds.

We were very lucky with the weather as we only got spitted on very occasional and had plenty of sunshine too. By the time we moored up at Drakholes we were able to hang the washing out to dry. I kept my eye on it though and just got it in before we were in the path of a heavy downpour. We have booked our passage out of West Stockwith Lock for Wednesday so we will be breaking new ground again then.

Drakeholes mooring and tunnel with the empty White Swan hotel and restaurant in the distance.


  1. Is the hotel closed now? They used to do a lovely Sunday lunch but that was such a long time ago. Can't wait 'til I show Jon this last photo as that was near where we'd park. Thanks Helen for the offer of your lovely rhubarb, I'll probably pick some at the week end for a crumble or fool.
    Heather x

    1. Hi Heather, apparently it has opened and closed a few times, but it is well closed now. Help your self to the rhubarb as it grows like a weed in the garden. Have a good week. Cheers for now, Tony and Helen.