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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Returning to Retford.

We set off round the corner to take water and dump the rubbish. There was a boat on the water point but they were just leaving. It was obvious that they had spent the night there. On the Chesterfield there are few places to stop due to the shallow water and as there are comparatively few boats there isn't usually any problem. We waited a few moments for them to sail and then pulled across to the water point. Whilst filling I did the necessary with the other stuff. After about half an hour we were off down the lock and heading towards Retford.

Helen at Forest Bottom Lock.

The fields round here have been prepared for some crop or other and a lot of the fields look like brown corduroy. The fields seem to have different width beds that must be for different crops. I'd love to know what is grown here.

Corduroy fields in North Nottinghamshire.

We passed under the East Coast mainline  and just as we did a train went over the top. Very impressive, noise wise. When at sea, or rather in coastal waters, and passing under a bridge such as on the Kiel Canal etc, and a train went overhead as you passed under it was supposed to be good luck! I suppose it was good that it hadn't plummeted on to the deck but otherwise I can't think why. As we approached Retford we passed the cemetery. It was a peaceful area and the bridge that connects the old and the new cemeteries was a classic too.

Cemetery Bridge, Retford.

West Retford Lock is on a pretty bend with old walls and a horse chestnut tree and new house on the other side. A family out for a walk were fascinated by the operation but just watched in silence until the task was complete.

West Retford Lock

Under Inkerman Bridge there is this old warehouse that has been converted to flats.

 Looking along the canal to Town lock with two of the three aqueducts marked by the narrows. The first is over the River Idle
Looking form the aqueduct down the River Idle where it runs through King's Park. The water must be good quality as there is plenty of weed blowing in a good flow.

The mooring we had behind Aldi's was free again so that is where we tied up. I dashed off to get a paper whilst Helen got the lunch. After that we went off to Asda to get some milk and stuff and then called in to the Rum Runner pub and tested some more beer. I had a Jaipur by Thornbridge Brewery that was very nice. Next was a Black and White by Batemans. That wasn't for me but was a nice change. I then had a Hop and Glory by Rudgate fro the Vale of York. That one wasn't quite as nice as the first. Helen got the taste for the Thatchers cider.

Helen is getting worried about the lone duckling  and single moorhen that seem to be left from the broods that we left on the way up. I hope nothing happens to them otherwise Helen will never forgive me.

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