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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Washing Day.

It turned out nice today and as we had planned to only move about 2 miles or so we didn't set off very early. Mind you there were a fair few early risers as the first boat went past at just after 0600! We went for a walk down the canal and then round again to pick up a paper before breakfast. After a quick scan of the sports and money pages I checked the fuel/water/oil and belts and then we started up. We put a load of washing on and then waited until the water point and rubbish disposal point opposite was vacant. We had acquired a load of rubbish and after collecting stuff around our mooring we needed to drop it off. We filled up with water to replace what we were using for the wash too. It has been busy this sunny and warm Bank Holiday weekend.

Waiting for the water to finish and displaying yesterday's fish and chips!

It was a very pleasant trip through the countryside to the north of Tamworth, past the Hints TV mast and through Hopwas where both pubs seemed to be doing roaring trade. We passed the Whittington Range and found a nice spot over looking the Tame valley and with Tamworth in the distance. The washing had finished and as the weather was nice and sunny we got it drive too. We have a wirly gig thing but so far we haven't had to use it.

Helen hanging up the washing.

Whilst parked up we cleared our compost loo and as it was the first time we were surprised how quick and easy it is. I also filled the grease cylinder for the stern gland.

A lovely evening view from our back deck.

Helen got a good photo of a Jay so I will have to post that next time. We are aiming to move up to Fradley Junction tomorrow. It is a really busy place at the weekend and especially a sunny Bank Holiday so we have kept clear until tomorrow evening.

Very relaxing evening.

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