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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sunny day.

I can report that the shower pump seemed to work fine this morning so we will continue to monitor. The sun was lovely and we charged everything up with the solar panels and then charged the batteries up to float on them too. They are already paying for themselves.

I made a sortie into the out of town shopping areas in search of bits and pieces for some jobs I want to do. There is a huge area of units just outside Tamworth with a massive ASDA, Sainsbury's, John Lewis Home etc etc. I found what I was looking for in B&Q and stopped off in ASDA to pick up some bargains. I was just about 2 hours. When I got back I wired up a fan to the compost toilet. We have a solar fan but the rechargeable battery runs out before the night it out. I have wired in another fan in line with a switch so that when we go to bed we can put the 12v one on. I am hoping that the continuous fan will help the compost process to speed up.

When I was out Helen baked a lemon drizzle cake, checked out the bank accounts, brushed through etc etc.  The cake was lovely and moist and very lemony. She is in a state of excitement as it is the final week of Master Chef and as she is watching them on IPlayer she is a day behind so nobody tell here the outcome, please, as my life would be a misery.

Ten ducklings. I hope there are still ten tomorrow.

After lunch we walked back into town for a look around the Charity shops to find the elusive crochet book. We had stamps to buy and cards to post too. When we got back Mrs. Duck was being severely harassed by a male duck. He wasn't going for the young so maybe just after creating another clutch.

Helen enjoying a glass of wine at the end of the day. Honestly it was only one glass!

We sat on the back reading and watching the world go by. It is gratifying to see so many using the towpath for walking and jogging. There are loads of dogs too so Macy doesn't get out too much until later.

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