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Saturday, 4 May 2013

A great day.

It has been quite an emotional day for several reasons. We were in Fazeley as it was the easiest place to catch the bus to Sutton Coldfield, NE of Birmingham. I moved there in 1960 when I was five and left in about 1979 (That makes about 23/4!) so it was my 'best years'. Scouts was a big part of mine and my brothers lives and I belong the MAGNUS Venture Scout Ranger Guide unit. It was great to have the girls around and in those days we could get up to lots of things with very little red tape. And we did. Today we caught the 110 to Sutton Parade, £12 return for Helen and I. There were one or two faces that I instantly recognised but it took me a fair while to 'tune in' to seeing the young people I know in their new persona. I found that with the blokes it was the change of colour, or loss of it, that I had discount. After a while it was gestures, a look or movement that alerted me to the different people. I have never been to a reunion of any sort, and I never thought I would either. It was very good to see everybody and to bring back memories too. They were good times and I'm sure helped make us all what we are today. I wonder now what folk thought of me in the new disguise.

Brother Neal and Sue were also in MAGNUS but were unable to attend today as there eldest son was playing at Twickenham where they were in the Senior Vase Final against Drybrook. Selby came out on top 29-20 and Dan scored two tries and a drop goal. He did all this with 12 staples in his scalp after playing last weekend in a match that secured their promotion to Yorkshire League 1. Congratulations to all at Selby Rugby Club. I'm sure they are going to have a hell of a party when you get back home.

As if all that wasn't enough emotion for the day Hull City have been promoted to the Premium League. Now I don't really follow soccer but Hull needs some good news. On the bus to Sutton was a 20 something lad drinking lager, and had been for a while (1030). After discussing religion, class and cricket he then went on to tell us that Hull is crap, even though he had never been there. This is the reaction you often get when you mention you are from there. Just the same as anywhere else Hull has it's faults, but there are also lots of good points too and like anybody else I don't like it when folk slag it off with no knowledge of the place. Hull has been slapped down so much that people lack self belief in a big way. We made a big fuss of Luke Campbell who won a boxing gold at the Olympics and with The Tigers promotion another shot in the arm can only be agood thing. Typical Hull though they made heavy weather of it to the end. A missed penalty and than a last minute equalizer by Cardiff men't that they had to wait until the end of the Watford v Leeds game. This was late as the Watford Goalie had been injured. Leeds are one of Hull's Derby teams and we couldn't expect any favours but they came through and beat Watford 2-1. I had tears in my eyes when I read the result. As I say it has been an emotional day. The sun is shining charging the batteries, the wine bottle is open and Helen has just baked a loaf of bread, so what could be better.

Sorry no photos today Mum. I hope that you are having a great time in France.

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