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Friday, 3 May 2013

Moved round the corner.

Isn't it funny how a couple, with no discussion, decide on things which seat you will sit in etc. From the first time we came aboard this boat I sat at the dinette facing aft and Helen facing for'd. Ever since we just do it automatically! I suppose if either of us were not happy with the arrangement we would be moving but it is surprising what is mutually settled with no comment in a couple.

We went for a walk to the Ventura Retail park as Helen wanted to look round the big John Lewis Home shop and I popped to Maplin's. We also went to ASDA to get bits and pieces. The walks around the ring roads of Tamworth are very good as they keep you away from the traffic with grassand water etc etc, and it is good to see all the Mum's and kids out, along with joggers etc. It was about a mile and half each way.

Glascote Lock No.1

We set off and were soon at the two Glascote locks. They take the canal down from the valley of the Anker into that of the Tame, a bigger brother of the former. The bottom lock gate was leaking badly and so Helen had a bit of a push to waggle the gate open as it was leaking out so fast. 

The Tame Aqueduct with pill box from WWII.

Fazeley Junction

Fazeley Junction is actually the end of the Coventry Canal and the start of the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal. The Junction House is still quite a site but some of the area has been flattened some time ago and housing started. They let them build in a red brick that doesn't blend in at all and then they have been half built for sometime by the look of it. We took on water and then moved a little up the canal to moor up for a couple of days.

I hope this duck doesn't make a habit of sitting here and cutting my solar power!

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