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Monday, 6 May 2013


What a lovely day it has been. Our mooring gave us a great view to wake up to and plenty of sun for the panels. Before breakfast we went for a walk through the Whittington Woods and it was a joy. The leaves were just opening on the trees so the light for the bluebells etc was dappled and the whole lot looked magical.

Here is the Jay that Helen took yesterday. We have seen loads of them during the last few days. Many more than Magpies.

Bluebells and wood anenomes.

After getting back and having breakfast Helen sat in the sun and I re-rigged the forward fender and greased it all up so the shackles and screws will be free when required. I managed to find a knife in the cut when I went fishing with the magnet too. Whilst I was 'fishing' I disturbed a snake that was about 2ft long and was a Grass Snake. It was a real surprise and the closest I have ever been to one and the best view too. We set off about to and passed through some lovely countryside. As it is a Bank Holiday it has been really busy. We went past Huddlesford Junction where there disused canal would connect the Walsall canals with the the rest of the Birmingham Canal system and the restoration of it is probably going to be the next big opening.

Signpost at Huddlesford Junction.

The Swan (Mucky Duck) at Fradley Junction.

We were hoping to find a mooring at Fradley but everywhere was full up so we turned left and went up a couple of locks before finding a spot before the next lock.

Shadehouse Lock near Fradley.

Mile post next to our mooring for the night.

We found that we had had a packet of four finger KitKats for three weeks and have only eaten half the packet! That would never happen at home, but shows that we are keeping busy.

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