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Sunday, 12 May 2013


I missed posting yesterday as we were back so late from the beer festival in Weston and the band. More later.

We had a nice mooring at Weston on Trent and it was quiet enough for Macy to explore. She has steadily been getting accustomed to her life a float. She no longer runs and hides as soon as the engine starts and just sleeps through going through locks etc. We have been bringing her out on the deck when we are underway but she hasn't wanted to stay. In Weston she followed me out and sniffed about on the back then jumped down and just pottered close by and then later did the same again and went a bit further so with luck I wont have to take her for a walk so much.

Macy exploring (Named Macy after Macy Grey the singer who was in the charts at the time we got her).

We went to the Beer Festival that was in aid of the Weston on Trent Village Hall at just the right time as the face painting and Punch and Judy man had just finished. There were nine beers and three ciders on with names such as 'Rule Britannia', 'Side Pocket for a Toad', 'Top Totty' and Plum Porter which I had to try of course. In fact by the time we went home I had tried all but one of them. There was a real mix of ages but we must have been well up in the top 5%. Later in the afternoon was am open mike time and there were a couple of good singers. At eight o'clock the main band came on and they were excellent. They were called 'The Formula' and they were gents of a certain age. They played a really good mix of music with a little 60/70's but mostly from more recently. It was great and their second period had everybody on the floor, including me, and we had a really great time. For an impromptu night it was as good as it gets. We had nothing to eat as had crackers and cheese, and jam when we got back and to bed. If you are anywhere in the area and need a band I would highly recommend 'The Formula'.

We set of early for us, and without breakfast, at 0845'ish and enjoyed the trip. There was traffic moving but no delays at the two locks we passed through. There must have been some money round here as there are lots of lovely big houses and halls.

Bridge at Sandon Hall to be smart enough to pass muster to allow the canal to be built through the Hall lands.

The cows were laying down which I understand is a sign of rain, but it held off for us.

Helen dressed for the summer weather!

The halfway point of the Trent and Mersey at Aston Lock.

The fact that the mid point of the Trent and Mersey canal is near Stone explains why it was chosen as the Company Headquarters for it. It stayed that way until it was bought out by the railway company. It will also explain why the mile post where cast here in Stone. Unfortunately the company went bust not too many years later.

We moored up where there were no trees and not too far from the official moorings as we will be here for the best part of a week. We walked into town to get the paper and some milk and have a preliminary look around. I found the pub where one of the beers from yesterday's beers was brewed and they have jazz nights so may a wander there later this week when I am on my own.

The cow's prophecy comes true just after we get back. 

With the Sunday Paper, two bacon and sausage butties inside and the stove lit the girls take it easy for the rest of Sunday.

Congratulations to Wigan, another fairy story. I wonder if it will continue on Tuesday?


  1. I can see that both Helen and Macy have nice comfortable chairs, so where does Tony sit? I hope you do not move Helen off hers!


  2. I usually make my self comfortable on the dinette but lay in wait for Macy to move and then pounce and take over her spot.