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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Complete again.

I spent the morning cleaning and tidying the boat ready for Helen coming back, and I must say that it was looking brilliant when I left to meet her! One of the jobs I had was to make the bedroom carpet fit better so I set to with that. I then realised that we would be forever sweeping up bits of fluff that had peeled off the edges. I therefore thought that if I coated the edge with PVA glue to see if that would hold it all together. It was as just finishing this that I heard the two o'clock news come on and panicked as I thought that Helen arrived at 28 minutes past. I changed very quickly and collected the rubbish to put in the skip as I passed and left in a hurry. I got to the station at 1427! And then saw the screen that said it was due at 1436. It was leaving Stoke at 1427!

She looked gorgeous as she stepped down from the train but when I took the bag from her she was not so good as it weighed a tonne. We wandered back to the boat via the cut that was very busy. I assume that as it was the weekend those from Aston Marina had left for a breath of fresh air. After getting her settled in the decision was made to head for the Weatherspoon's in Stone, 'The Poste of Stone', and have a meal and a pint. On the way back we stopped at COOP for an 89p bar of chocolate. At the till we saw some almond croissants for 7p so that was a treat for breakfast sorted. Okay, the chocolate is not everyday, but it is the Eurovision Contest tonight and you have to show a little decadence on these occasions!!

It was still but overcast with high cloud but I was still surprised to see a hot air balloon over Stone on the walk back to the boat. Everything is right with the world now Helen is back aboard.

Large rain drop over Stone.

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  1. awww you are so cute !!

    Amy :D