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Monday, 20 May 2013

On the move at last.

We have got underway at last after a week alongside in Stone. Mind you we only got about 1/2 miles before we stopped again to take on water. After that we went up a couple of locks and stopped again. I had phoned ahead and asked if the guys at Canal Cruising Co. could check out our gas leak. We had a little time to wait so we decided to take fuel. I guessed we needed 120 litres but we only needed 110.7! The engine had been running for 54.3 hours so that is just over 2 litres and hour. Actually the consumption includes the Hurricane heating so it will be less than 2 litres per hour. I must take the hours of the Hurricane to get a better idea. We haven't had the engine at high revs. and I am happy with approx. 2 litres per hour.

They came along with a 'sniffer' to check the leak was where I through it was and it was confirmed. They then took the joints to bits and took it away to clean up the olives and then put it all back together. They then did a pressure check and everything held so all was good. We had lunch and then set off again.

One of the dry docks at Canal Cruising Co.

The tow path horse tunnel at Bridge 94 by Canal Cruisers. It shows that they didn't use Clydesdale's or Shire horses to pull the boats as they would never fit through here.

It has been overcast today but there has been several boats moving. We got in a bit of a line as we ascend the next 6 locks to clear Stone but no holdups really. It was still warm but Helen started off with multi-layers scarf, hat and gloves and wasn't very happy. After a few locks she was as stripped off as she will be without the sun actually shinning! She had a nice smile too.

Cold Helen.

Warm Helen.

Between Bridge 100 and 103 there is a bit of work going on and the towpath closed in a couple of places. They were piling a section and make a surfaced towpath in another. There were plenty of ducklings and we saw our first cygnets resting on the bank. After we had tied up near Barlaston Mum brought them down to see if there was any bread going. They are so cute I would have wasted a whole film on them in the old days and still not get them all in. 

Nearly got all 10 cygnets in as well as the Pen.

We will go and have a look at the Wedgewood Seconds shop tomorrow before moving on a couple of hours to Stoke.


  1. Well what a good book this blog would make. Its full of geography, history, lots of knowledge and humour.The photography is fantastic too. I haven't read all of the blogs yet but my first impression was how happy you both look and sound. I am really happy for you both and macy of course, that you are living your dream. Your boat looks amazing and so homely too and of course it helps to have a captain who knows what he is doing! As for the name I think it is perfect just the way it is. But I had a friend at school who was called Vanessa and we all called her Ness or Nessa, but obviously its up to the 2 of you.
    This will give Amy something to look forward to when she comes home in September and we hope to come and visit you too when you come 'Up North' one day..... take care and keep writing the interesting blog Tony.

    Lots of love Heather x

  2. Hi Heather, Thanks for the comments. We don't have to often give the name of the boat and we just call it the boat! It is great just pottering about and pleasing our selves and seeing bit of the country that we may otherwise have missed. Looking forward to seeing when ever you get here.