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Friday, 17 May 2013

Getting ready.

At half past nine I went into town to get another co-axial connection and after getting back fitted it and tried to get a picture on the TV again. Nothing once again, so after a little messing about called it a day and hoped I would have better luck another time. I did notice that one of the connections was loose that I hadn't noticed.

Instead I set to cleaning through the boat for the return of Helen. As I was cleaning out the stove I decided to set to and cut a gap to enable us to sweep out the ashes that spill in the surround. After that It was going right through with the dusting and polishing the wood etc. The cat is molting at the moment and you could stuff a mattress with what has come off her back, especially as she is such a small cat! It is expected to rain all day tomorrow so thought it would be best to get all the rugs and mats clean today. It is looking great at the moment.

On my walk into town a went the long way round and took some photos of the front of the Joules Brewery building which is actually better than the back (surprise, surprise). They don't seem to go in for such decoration these days and it must have been good paint to last this long too.

Joules Brewery, Stone.

The building is functional but somehow is still pleasing to the eye. It is good to see that the building is in use too.

There are several interesting looking buildings in Stone and I liked the look of the bow fronted Queens Hotel. It was obviously a coaching inn (it says so on the front). Usually there would be an archway through to the stables but here the stables must be accessed down the side or from the rear. It is a shame there is no flag flying from the pole.

The Queens Hotel on the High Street, Stone.

Plaque on The Queens Hotel.

It  looks as though we should know who Henry Holland was, and I didn't, so I looked him up. He was born in 1745 in Fulham. His dad was a builder. After becoming an architect he went into partnership with Lancalot 'Capability' Brown, the garden designer for the toffs. In fact he married his daughter. He got some very good commissions from the gentry, largely remodeling old house to new fashions. He worked on Trentham Hall Near Stoke, Carlton House for the future George IV, Woburn Abbey, Theatre Royal Drury Lane and Convent Garden Theatre. It most have been a very minor commission to build a pub, but it does have a very pleasing look.

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