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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Trent following.

We got involved in a bit of a queue at the one and only lock today. There was a bit of confusion about some floating reeds but it was all sorted and didn't delay us too long. We didn't go too far before we parked up to see if we could get to a Garden Centre and there was also supposed to be a place selling the paint that is on our boat there too. As it turns out there was a busy road and no path so we had a cup of tea and carried on.

Woodend Lock Cottage.

The milepost that was by our mooring last night was one of the originals. Apparently they were removed during WWII so that the German's could not find their way! Amazingly the majority of them were found by the Trent and Mersey Canal Society and they managed to get them replaced. There were some missing and the they were made up as the original. You can tell the difference as the original is dated 1819 and the newer ones 1977.

The countryside was very pretty to Handasacre and Armitage. There are several very narrow parts and one way only ways. We stopped for water near to Spode House and Hawkesyard Priory. It was built Josiah Spode, of the pottery folk. He left it to A Dominican Order in 1893 who built the priory and finished it just before WWI. The place has now become a hotel and spa and golf course. There must be some meaning in that.

Hawkesyard Priory and Spode House.

We continued after filling up to Rugeley and stopped there to do some shopping as you can moor very close to the town centre. I was expecting a bit of a dire place but the centre seems to be predestrianised and a fair selection of shops, outdoor and indoor market. We went to a supermarket, and after the main shop went back and filled up with cat food, wine and beer. We soon left and continued for a bit longer along the Trent Valley to find a more picturesque mooring. The sun was still shining and it was a very pleasant evening. We found a nice place just past Wolseley and it is close to a garden centre for the morning. We are looking for garden centres as we are looking for some cocoa shell mulch for our compost loo. We may even get for a drink tonight too.

One of the original James Brindley built bridges on the Trent and Mersey. Bridge 68.

Enjoying the sunshine.

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