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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Shopping List.

It was lovely at 0630 in the morning but had clouded over by about 1000. I had made a list of stuff to get to enable me to carry out some of the jobs on my list. I left the boat about 0930 and wandered down the towpath with the rubbish to deposit at the facilities by Stone Boat Builders. I then walked over to Morrison's to see if they had a bit of an hardware section. Where is a Wilkinson's store when you need one? I then called at Bailey's DIY in the High Street to see what they had.

Tiled sign at bridge 93 moorings as a welcome to Stone.

I like the idea of everybody having a chance to make a plaque/tile as it makes for a great variety of  facets of the town.

The detail is for Helen and her girls and Guides and Scouts all over.

At Bailey's I found a co-axial aerial connector and a plaster board cutter. I really wanted a keyhole saw but this should do but will be a bit rough. I then went to Autocare shop and got a belt for the 45 Kw alternator at a very good price. It was then back to the Chandler at Stone boat builders to see what vents they had. The bed in built on a wooden box and in the mornings the base of the mattress is damp. I am going to put vents in the top and sides to assist the air flow and hopefully sort it out. I got a couple of chromed vents but decided to go back to Bailey's to get plastic ones for the top as they wont be seen. I noticed that the Chandler had Hempel paints. The boat has been painted using Hempel and it seems they have been taken over by Blakes and a lot of the colours have been discontinued. I am now debating with myself how much paint I will need to touch up over 5 to 7 years which I think would be a reasonable time before a re-paint. It will only for touch up but who knows! It is £20 a tin which means I wont be buying much.  There weren't many stalls at the market today so I hope that there are a few more on Saturday when Helen wants to have a look round.
When back at Bailey's I bought some wood too to get the seat locker done.

The Joules Brewery opened in Stone in 1758 and lasted until 1974 after being taken over by Bass Charington. The sign has the faint outline of a previous painting. I think this are caused ghost signs and appear more often than you think.

When I got back to the boat I finished making the solar panel 'props and they seem to work well. I then continued with the seat locker until the signs of rain hastened me inside again. It gave me the opportunity to cut out the holes in the bed and fit the vents. I hope that it works and another problem is solved.

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