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Monday, 13 May 2013

Home Alone.

It is a weird feeling saying good bye to Helen and her leaving! For too many years I have been saying goodbye and me leaving for weeks or months. I'm missing her, and not just as I have to get all the grub ready myself now either. Mind you all my tools are out and scattered about where I can find them so it does have some compensations. It will all be spick and span by the time she gets back though.

Stone Railway Station.

We left early for the station and ambled along still getting there in good time. The station wouldn't look amiss in Amsterdam. It was not required by the railway companies but it was refurbished by the council and is now used by the local community. When I was there there was a craft workshop going on. I found the footpath that leads down to Lock 30 that you have to cross the railway line on so walked back down the towpath. I then crossed back into town to see what was about near Morrison's. The rain and hail has come with regular bursts. It was nice when I turfed out the seat locker outside. When at Debdale Wharf I recovered some boards that I am going to line out the locker to save all the paint getting chipped. I had to keep stopping and starting as the rain came but I have got the base done and I am just thinking of the best way to line the sides now. I also made a template for a 'prop' for the solar panels. The screw bolts that hold them at one height works loose as you adjust the tilt of them through the day. I thought I would make a prop that holds them up and still allows them to be tightened up at a set angle. Worth a try. I must crack on as I have about 17 jobs on the list to do before Helen gets back. It doesn't look like the weather will be on my side but later in the week I think the showers will be less.

Lovely evening light from our offside windows.

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