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Friday, 10 May 2013

Rain avoidance

The day started overcast and with showers but once we set off we managed to miss all the rain. There seemed to be a lot of hire boats moving today. It was less windy and I suppose that they have to be where they have to be on Friday night mostly. We went up the Haywood lock and past the junction and took water as we were doing a wash.

There were slight queues at all three locks today, Haywood, Hoo Mill and Weston Locks but no great delays. The sun and warmth of the weekend combined with the rain seems to have really caused the trees to green up and it is all get set for summer. Fingers crossed.

Our mooring.

We carried on and were aiming for Weston upon Trent. There was just a spot with a few feet either end for us. The sun came out to great us and we put the washing out to dry. We then went out for a walk round the village. The first thing I spotted on a lamp post was a sticker saying that there was a beer festival in the village hall tomorrow. We were wondering whether to move on a bit tomorrow but we are now likely to stay put. After locating the Hall we crossed the extensive green and entered the Woolpack for a drink. I only banged my head twice on the low beams. We were tempted by the two meals for £10 but as we had eaten late saved out money. As we sat there the heavens opened and that was the washing soaked again. When we got back it was enough of an excuse to lit the fire again! The showers continued and some were very heavy. I always liked being in a tent when it was raining as it makes you feel snug and safe from the tumult outside. In the boat it is the same feeling but even better as it is nice and warm too.

Bucketing it down.

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