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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Lazy, sunny day

What a lovely day. It was a good idea to stay put for just another day. After our breakfast, listening to the Archers and eating our 7p Croissants we walked into town to do a shop at Morrison's and to buy the paper.
When we got back it was nice to read the paper in the sunshine on the after deck.

With a glass of Sloe Vodka and lemonade.

It is very satisfying to see the sun on the solar panels charging up the batteries. The batteries are fully charged up and I am still using the excess to power all the electrical items. I think that with no sun we would have to run the engine about two hours to charge the batteries. That would be about 10 litre of fuel and if you say £1 a litre then that is £10 a go. It means that I should pay back the cost of the solar set up in 100 days of full sun. Take away the days when we are travelling as the engine over rides the solar panels, and the days when there is little or no sun and I will still have paid it off in less than two years. I do enjoy looking at the watts that the panels are producing and the volts of the battery creeping up too. I'm not sure whether I would have solar on my house yet, but as they directly charge the batteries they are a real boon and cost saver.

I think that we may have a bit of a gas leak. I will have to get it checked out tomorrow at one of the boat yards that we pass. I don't want to mess about with gas.

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