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Friday, 19 April 2013

Virgin territory.

We got away at 0830 to get us to Calcutt locks for 1000 and although the wind had died away it was still cold, with no sun. We were soon at the Wigram's Turn or Napton Juntion as it is officially known. We hired a boat from here years ago when we did the Warwickshire Ring with Neal and Sue and families years ago.

Napton Junction. We are about to turn right and the locks are about 1.5 miles further up.

We got there at just before 0930 so filled up with water and then went into tell them that we were there. I also explained to him that really everything seemed to be working now. I have had a play about and the programmer seems to be coming on at the correct times. After getting a thermometer it showed that the thermostat was set wrongly so was about 8 degs. too hot so always trying to come on. I bought some spare fuses and an alternator belt and then set off back to Braunston. Unfortunately we got stuck behind  tug Zulu towing butty Rollo and they were going very slowly. It was luck it was only a couple of hours to Braunston as it was pretty tedious going along at tick over. 

At Braunston we stopped at Midland Chandlers and bought a second shelf for the oven so Helen can make double the quantity of cakes and biscuits. After lunch we set off to the Canal Chandlers where we bought the  compost loo to change over the solar ventilator we have for it. It was only about 1.5 hours and after tying up went in to see them. I reassembled the vent and it was working fine!!! Oh well a red face for me. It definitely wasn't before. Any way we decided to get diesel and a 13kg gas bottle. The tank took 63 ltrs so that appears to be roughly 2 litres an hour! I will have to check that as it seems very good. You can declare what split you are using it as the fuel used for propulsion is taxed and that used for heating etc is only lightly taxed. I said 40/60. The gas was about £25 so we will have to make a note of when we go on it to see how long that lasts. I fitted the solar vent to make sure it worked in situ and then set off. 

Two railway bridges approaching Hillmorton Locks.

Middle set of Hillmorton Locks.

It wasn't very long until Helen had to get her windlass out again. The locks are paired. I assume that this was to speed up the passing of boats as one lock would cause a bottle neck at busy times. We were soon down them and moored up to take water again. Helen had done a wash and so thought it best that we fill up again. It seems that it didn't use too much water though.

Some gates that have been replaced recently have had small poems carved on their beams. 'This door makes depth captive for a while'.

Helen putting her back into a bit of cleaning.

We heard that were we had thought we would moor tonight could be a bit noisy so after finishing the water we just pulled clear and then tied up for the night.


  1. It sounds like a very busy day! Ann.

  2. Hi Ann, yes it was as busy as we hope to get whilst on the cut! Tony