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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Plan B

The wind continued through the night and kept us both awake at various times. The boat was pinned to the bank so didn't bang but as each gust came through we heeled over a little and the vents were whistling. It was all  most good to have to get up. After getting out side I tried to move the boat by pushing the bow and it hardly moved so there was little chance of getting off the side easily. Besides there was no real rush as the heater is actually working okay. After calling the engineers they said that they would book us in for 1000 on Friday so we decided to sit tight.

I managed to get a few jobs done. The first was to get the shower pump working. It always seems to work for me but when Helen has a shower it doesn't work! Everything takes quite a while aboard as first you have to excavate where the pump or item is and then you have to ferret around to find the correct tools etc. I think I solved the pump problem by fixing the discharge hose higher than the pump so that it always drains down into the pump to keep it primed and not in a sag in the pipe below it. We will find out tomorrow. My next job was to cut up some spare carpet to line the base of Helen's bedside cabinet. I had to chase the cat out repeatedly as she liked to hide in there. The next job was to mount the Hockney prints of the Wolds that Helen bought when we went to the exhibition in London. That took a while as I hadn't got the right length screws! meanwhile Helen was baking biscuits and they were very nice too. She also cleaned out the fire then lit it as it was dull and cold.

In the afternoon we decided we needed some fresh air and thought we would take the cat for a walk. We got her a little halter and off we set. She actually walked really well. On the way back she slowed down and I picked her up a couple of times but she must have walked about 1.5 miles. Helen was round a corner when I heard a yell and when I got there she had her hand to her mouth so I thought that she had seen a body, or something similar. It turns out that she had come across a slow worm to add to our wildlife sightings. Helen is now crocheting and I have been putting hooks and things up and Macy is resting. I am hoping that we can get her to stay awake all day and sleep all night. She meowed a lot last night as she didn't seem to like the noise of the wind

Macy marching out on the towpath.

Maybe spring is in the air!

Macy recovering.

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