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Monday, 29 April 2013

On wards to Atherstone.

We set off at 0900 and took water from a little island by the C&RT Maintenance yard at Hartshill and then set off at an easy pace to Mancetter. We parked up and walked into the village as it sounded 'interesting'.

Country bridge between Hartshill and Mancetter.

St Peter's Church and Almshouses.

St Peter's is a 13 Century church with some Almshouses from 1728 in the grounds. There are some lovely slate Georgian head stones in the Churchyard. Next to the church is the Manor House that is now owned by an Isle of Man Company and seems to be almost hotel like and well kept. Mancetter was a Roman settlement close to Watling Street and it is also said to be where the last battle of Boadicea's uprising against the Romans was fought. It is unlikely to be true how ever as it should be much closer to London.

The Trent Valley Rail line with the regular Virgin Trains going past.

Ever since just after Braunston the Trent Valley rail line has never been far away from the canal. The rail makes use of the flat route of the canal. It is surprising how quiet the railway is. I suppose that it is because they are electric, there is welded track and there are very few points to go over. The Virgin trains always look spotless unlike the East Coast Main Line.

After a cup of tea we set off for the short trip to Atherstone. We tied up before the locks and then went and had a look round the town. It wasn't quite as quaint as I was expecting. There seemed to be some nice buildings but there were few nice independent shops but I did manage to get my hair cut for £5 in a salon that was completely spray painted. I am looking all tidy again. When we got back to the boat I went fishing and I am pretty sure that the canal must have been quite recently dredged as there was very little silt on the bottom and nothing of use came up. Maybe I can quage the dredging by my magnetic fishing.

The last hat factory in Atherstone closed! All the other buildings in the town were definitely not in such as bad condition as this.

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