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Monday, 8 April 2013

Almost ready for the off.

We have had our reverse layout narrow boat since October 2012 and have now got her just about ready for us to set of for an extended tour of the canals and rivers of England and Wales.

We have had the layout of the bathroom changed, changed the radiators, had 300W of solar panels fitted and swapped the cassette toilet for a compost loo and now we are just about ready to move aboard.

We have taken a few interior photos before the added clutter goes aboard so we have a reminder of what it did look like!
 The for'd bedroom. The bed folds down over the gap to make a full size cross bed.
 The bathroom from the bedroom showing the compost loo. The hose still needs finishing off.
 The walk through bathroom with the shower on the right.
 Looking aft from the bathroom showing the saloon, dinette and galley.
 Looking forward from the galley.
 The saloon with the solid fuel stove. Sorry about the clothes drier in the corner!
 The dinette.
Looking through the galley to the after doors and back deck.

We are looking forward to getting aboard full time and setting off.

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