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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Sunshine at last.

We woke up to sunshine and when we opened the bedroom curtains we were able to watch reed buntings playing. The solar panels were soon doing there thing. We got away about 0930 from Hillmorton and leisurely proceeded to Rugby as it was only an hour away. The main Trent Valley railway line runs nearby and whilst Helen was disposed a beautiful blue steam train went past, but of course I didn't have a camera.We tied up on the offside by a small park that was a nice buffer away from the roads. On the other side is a quiet residential area so we decided to stay here over night.

The canal runs past a gold course and this disused viaduct divides it in half.

We went for a walk into the centre of rugby for a look sea. It was market day. Neither of us can remember having been before so didn't know what to expect really. It was smaller than I thought with some lovely old buildings, but it seems there is a resemblance to Hull as it wasn't as well off a place as we thought it may be as there were a lot of charity shops and folk of a certain kind. The book said it was a mile but it was almost double that. In the end we came back a different way to check out the Tesco etc. 

Once we were back the weather was still lovely so Helen sat out on the bow in the sun and I investigated some wet under the mat near the washing machine. I pulled it out having moved the steps etc etc and there was no sign of a leak. I have concluded that it is sweat beneath the flat plastic backing and the cold bilge and warm cabin. We have put newspaper under the mat to test the theory and I was pleased to find we aren't sinking. I took the opportunity to uncover the treads on the steps that were still covered with cardboard. I suppose it now means we are staying. As the there was no non slip tread on them I put strips on and also on the back deck where you just climb on. We had also bought an ash pole for a boat hook so I started shaping the end to fit the head we have ready to fit later. 

After tea we decided to go to the pictures that is only about 15 mins away. We went to see Trance. It was different, and kept you guessing to the end. £ 8-30 to get in!! No popcorn for Helen though. We will be moving on tomorrow.

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