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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Like Christmas Day.

The Postman and couriers have been beating a path to our door for the last couple of days as they deliver items that we have ordered on the web that we 'think' we need for the boat. They include a TV aerial, chair from Ikea, filters for the engine, rope, LED bulbs, magnet to find any lost keys etc, lub. oil (as I will need to carry out an oil change in the near future), dust buster vac, various padlocks, wires etc etc. It is a good job that Neal has a van to take all the stuff down for us. The only thing I can't find is a second shelf for our Vanette GG2200 oven! Helen has the baking bug and one shelf is definitely not enough. I really want to find one as I would hate to discourage her from baking biscuits and cakes as I get to eat at least half of the them.

This picture was taken on the Leicester Arm of the Grand Union Canal between Crick and Foxton in January 2013. It was nice to see the sun. The animal is a dog, not a pig!

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