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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Market Harborough.

It was very windy in the night and the rain pelted down. It wasn't quite as bad as being in a tent but with Helen's snoring and the cat meeowing to go out is was awake quite a bit. Mind you I went straight back to sleep each time. We forgot to take the camera today but we will take it into town to take photos to show you all tomorrow. The Newsagent was just on the road by the basin. The terminus of the canal is quite picturesque and nicely done. After breakfast I put up the chair and the cupboards that we had brought flat packed. Helen was packing things away to make room. As soon as I had the chair erected Macy jumped on it and I don't think I will get to sit in it at all. The solar panels were putting power in the batteries despite being in among trees. We put the engine on for a short while to heat the water.

After lunch we went for a walk into Harboro' and went looking for a cat harness, something for tea and one or two other bits and pieces. We had a beer on the way back and then I started to seal the vent for the compost heap and found that it wasn't working!! I will have to contact the shop that sold it too me. I have put up a pint that we bought of Hull and spliced a rope too. I'm not sure where the time goes.

I have had some passerby ask me about Hedon and Holderness and thought that we had come from there, and another who we had shared a lock with yesterday. We will take the camera to town tomorrow and then give you a guided tour of the place.
I hope that we can get a better picture of a kingfisher soon as this must be the most colourful bird thaqt we have in the UK.

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