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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Take it easy Sunday.

The sun was out again as we woke up. We had a lazy start as we had decided to go to the massive Tesco just down the road for the weeks shopping and then have a cooked brunch in the cafe. When we got there there was no cafe, only a Costa Coffee place!!! Oh well we trailed round the place trying very hard to stick to our list and menus. Why is it it is so frustrating and stressful going round a different supermarket and can't find anything? In the end we got a couple of croissants each, almond and chocolate. They were lovely when we got back with a coffee. We left Rugby at about 1230 and had decided to stop at Newbold on Avon as it looked a bit interesting and it was only about 20 mins away. In the end it wasn't that interesting but we found a post box during a bit of a walk.

We are on the Oxford Canal and it was originally built to follow a contour which meant it was very windy. Later the reduced the distance when they were better at embankments and cuttings and there are lots of loops cut off. This is a short tunnel that was lost when they straightened it, just below Newbold Church.

This is the present Newbold Tunnel. I seem to remember it was lit to celebrate some Asian Festival as an arts project. Since then nobody has been able to agree who should pay for the maintenance. It must have been something when it was all lit!

The bridge on the left is the entrance of another cut off loop which has been used as the entrance to a marina.

A nice shot of a bridge and cottage on the Oxford Canal.

This lamb is a bit big so must have been one of the early ones.

Helen heavily engaged in catching up with the Sunday papers.

Our mooring for Sunday evening. Good view for the solar panels too. 

Once stopped I finished the fitting of the head on the boat hook and then checked out the shower again and hopefully stopped up some leak with a bit more silicon judiciously squirted into various crevices. Helen did manage to stir her self and cleaned the windows inside and tow path side. I couldn't talk her in to doing the off side. 


  1. Helen I love the photo of you with the Sunday papers, you have got it looking so homely.

    Unlike the photo of the boat going through a tunnel, that looks scary!

    Ann (again!!! Tell me if you are getting fed up of my comments)!!!

  2. Newbold Tunnel is two way and quite large and only 250 yds long. It is a lot worse where there is water pouring from the roof, you can't see the end and the walls and roof keep changing height. It was lit also which makes a change. Normally you have to use your tunnel light.