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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cats afloat, hopefully.

I am a little worried how our cat, Macy, will adapt to the life on board a narrow boat. We took her for a week or so in January and she seemed to be happy so long as the engine wasn't running, but as soon as it was she hid and wouldn't come out. I feel sure that she will get used to this in time and become relaxed about it.

I am more worried about her going ashore and not coming back. We have got a tracker beacon that goes on her collar. If you can't find her you turn it on and if she is within range it acts like a metal detector as you sweep round in a circle and the noise and lights indicate the direction. As you get closer the number of lights lit increases and the noise increases. The range is only a couple of hundred feet though. She doesn't really leave the garden at home so I'm hoping that she wont venture too far when we are away. The collar attachment lights and vibrates so hopefully we will be able to train her that when that happens she should come back. At the moment she is in doors all day and out at night with access to her bed if she wants, and that depends on the weather. I think that we will have to change that a bit as I don't think we will be able to leave her out over night and there is no cat flap to enable her to get back in. I have heard too many stories of  cats brings mice etc in with them. There are many more hunting opportunities for her when we are out and about and I don't want her to be catching wildlife, and especially not bringing them back aboard. She does have a couple of little bells to give a warning, and she has a new tag with the boats name and our mobile numbers. It looks like we will have to change her to day time ramblings and night time rest.

The other thing we will have to think about is what to do if she falls in the cut. I think that we will have to have a fender or mat in the water when we are moored so that if she does fall in without us seeing she will be able to get her claws into it and get her self out. We will keep her indoors for a while until she gets used to the boat and then see about letting her out somewhere rural. We will keep her in if moored near roads etc.

Mum in Law very kindly agreed to have the budgie, Sky, for us as there wouldn't really have been enough room for the cage on the boat. She will get spoiled there so I'm sure Sky wont mind.

 Macy at home last Christmas with one of her 'presents'.
Macy on the bed on the boat, not looking quite so relaxed.

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