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Monday, 15 April 2013

On the move.

The wind has dropped a fair bit and we decided to make a move today. We had a last visit into Harboro' to get the last few supplies and odds and sods. We finally left at 1300 and made out way to Foxton.

The Robert Smyth Grammar from 1614.

Brick carving on the side of a Sainsbury's store.

The clock and saying on the tower of St Dionysius Church in the town centre.

A good hardware shop on the High Street. You could hardly move inside!

Symingtons Corset factory that had become the council offices and is now awaiting another use. Another branch of the Scottish Symington Soup family.

Our berth at Market Harborough.

 The sun was shining intermittently but was a little cold in the breeze. It took us a couple of hours to get to the the locks with Helen coping with the swing bridges with no problem. We moored at the bottom of the staircase and Helen went in search of the lock volunteers to register. It seemed that there were five coming down and we may be lucky as the last boat has to start moving at 1615. It gave us time for an ice cream and I had time to fix security wires and padlocks to the solar panels. We started up at just after 1600 and we were at the top for 1645. That is could going for 2 x 5 rise staircase locks. The volunteer didn't help over much so I predict that Helen will be in bed even earlier than usual tonight.

Looking down from the top of the lock flight. The red paddles release water into or out of the side pounds to save water and the white ones release it into the lock. The rhyme is 'red before white and you'll be alright' to get the right order.

This is our berth for tonight.

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