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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A breezy day.

We were tied up in the middle of nowhere near to Husbands Bosworth last night, and must have slept well as we didn't wake up until 0730. As we were getting ready I saw a water vole swimming away from the side of the boat over to the far bank. Helen also managed to get a view before it disappeared. We set of in the overcast but through the day it became more sunny but the wind was cold and caused us to concentrate so that we didn't get blown about. Not long after setting off we had to go through Husbands Bosworth Tunnel (1170 yds) and of course we met another boat coming the other way. This tunnel is obviously 2 way! The next feature was the Welford. We went down there in the dark when we were delivering the boat to the builder last October just to get to a pub as we had nothing to eat aboard.

Helen with the shades but dressed as a polar explorer.

After Welford the route is quite windy and sometimes the wind was on either side and sometimes from ahead. It made it interesting when we slowed down for passing moored boats. As we were going along I saw a shape dart out from the hedge on the towpath side. It became obvious when it stood up on its hing legs that it was a stoat. We were going to stop at Crick but decided to carry on and try to get down Watford locks to give us a bit more time in Braunston tomorrow. We were slightly delayed as a boat was across the channel as he was trying to moor as we passed Crick but we got a good run through Crick Tunnel and managed to not see any other boat. Crick tunnel was much wetter than Bosworth Tunnel but still not too bad. We got to Watford about 1530. Too late so we are moored at the top ready for the first lock in the mooring. This is a flight with three normal locks and then a staircase of four. They lock it so that people don't waste water. However in January we came up and down this flight on our own. The volunteer lock keepers only come on in the season. Next time you go down the MI and just before the Watford Gap services look for the canal. If you go to the services you can walk to the back of the car park there is the canal. 

Taking water at the top of the Watford flight of locks.

The bridge is the M1 so you can imaging the road noise isn't the best, but as our bedroom is at the bow it may not be too bad.


  1. Hi
    Finally got a signal - pinched from a Bourbon boat & can now view the photos!! Catch up every day & love to read the exploits. Looking forward to joining u in July. Hugs xxxxx

    1. It is a good job you have other boats on hire to be able to log on. So far whilst being away I have been able to log on when ever I want! Come on and join the ex mariners. Sounds like Tim and others are also feeling the time is nigh!!