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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Nuneaton and onwards.

We stopped to fill up with water at Sutton Stop and then continued on our way up the Coventry Canal.

Macy just seeing what is going on.

Bridge sculpture at Hawkesbury.

The Greyhound pub through Hawkesbury Junction bridge.

Come from Rugby, been to the Basin and on the way to Atherstone.

Helen dressed for the winter. It was very cold this morning with a cruel wind. 'Tench' and butty 'Australia' have just passed us at our mooring and winded at the Hartshill basin.

We stopped at Nuneaton and had about a 20 min walk into the town centre. It was a big surprise to find a very busy market that was up and down the pedestrian centre. The prices were cheap and I had to drag Helen away from a £5 pair of shoes and other bargins. There was a very good selection of big known stores and several nice local ones too. We paid a visit to Lidl's to see what outlandish foreign products they had but they seem to have become much more 'mainstream' so had to make do with a couple of bars of German chocolate with hazelnuts for 29p each.  There had been showers of hail all day, but not long after leaving Nuneaton it seemed to warm up.

This is our mooring at Hartshill yard with Bridge 31 and the Managers house.

The sun was nice and warm with the wind gone.

We went up the hill to the village to see if there was a pub that served a Sunday lunch and a bit of a walk. We felt we would have to do a little testing so checked out the beer. It will be our treat tomorrow. There was this great view of the plain that we are skirting at the moment. Hartshill was quarried for sandstone and clay by the Romans and on until the 1990's and there are many disused quarries and waste tips about between here and Nuneaton.

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