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Friday, 26 April 2013

Stopped at Sutton Stop, again.

The day has been mainly bright with occasional short light showers and occasional hail. We left Coventry basin and headed for Sutton Stop, which was the working boatmen's name for Hawkesbury Junction, after the first family of lock keepers. The  Basin was opened in 1769 so amazing to think it is still going strong. There have only been a couple of boats in each day whilst we have been here.

This shows the 'Y' shaped basin with the warehouses on the left.

Bridge No.1.

As you can see bridge No.1 is very narrow and was deliberately built so to ensure controlled access. The Coventry Canal company were very strict apparently and only allowed boats in that were unloading and if not they had to wait out side. Each cargo was allotted a length of time for unloading and if they went over they had to pay a fine. The Basin was closed up every night with a board across the bridge. If you hadn't finished your discharge you had to leave the basin anyway until the next morning.

We went out past the Cash's 100 houses and after doing the Museum tours I now knew that Cash's were a ribbon weaving company. Coventry were world famous for ribbon manufacture until the government opened the market and the industry all but died. I seem to remember that when we started school you sent for those little names ribbons that your sewed into your clothes. They were made by Cash's as far as I remember.

As we were on the way out of Coventry we passed a C&RT boat and a group of lads that were litter picking along the towpath. This could explain why the towpath from Hawkesbury ro the Basin was generally very tidy.

The Happy Helmsman.

When we got to our mooring I went fishing with the magnet again. I managed to find a knife, fork and spoon. Helen would only keep the spoon. I also found 16p, in copper of course, and various other bits and pieces including a spanner and a motorbike. I couldn't get the bike out so left it. I then drilled holes in the roof top items so that I could run a padlock through them all for security in places. 

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