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Monday, 30 September 2013

Settling in for a short while.

It is strange to get in to a different routine now we are home. After breakfast, as it was a nice day I decided to get in the garden to set to with getting the garden under control. Whilst the beds and lawn are not too bad the shrubs, trees and ivy are well over grown. I started on the second rambling rose and this one had even sharper thorns. It does look tidier for doing. I then thought that the ivy 'hedge' that divides the side of the house would be very vulnerable to the winter winds as it is very over grown. It was also climbing the walls and blocking the kitchen window.

Before the pruning.

After the pruning.

There is still plenty to do!

I will leave the rest of the ivy until we are home for longer, and the trees and shrubs can wait until the leaves have dropped to. 

Macy the cat seemed to go missing for a while. We had been worried about how she would settle back at home. She had seemed to be fine, but when she didn't appear for a few hours we were worried. I tried the tracker that we have and it registered that she was just the other side of the fence but then went quieter and quieter as though she was moving away. We were quite worried but eventually she turned up in the afternoon. I took the opportunity to check the battery in her collar unit and yes it seemed flat. I went to the shops to buy a couple of replacements and now she is back on line.

The annual insurance renewal for the boat has come through. It is less than £200 this year. We are with Towergate Insurance and they seem friendly enough. I have a few questions for them so we will see how they deal with that, and really it will only be when we have a claim that we will see whether they are truly worth their salt. 

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