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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Big Day, the prodigal returns.

Today has been taken up with sorting the shower, again, and getting everything ready to go home for a week. Helen went shopping into Droysden to get everything for a big Sunday lunch, our equivalent of killing the fatted calf.

Our daughter has been away around the world for 15 months and for the last several she has been an au pair for a couple of girls in Auckland. The last time we saw her was just about a year ago when we were all together at the Singapore Grand Prix. I was working out there and we managed to coordinate everybody being in the same place. The blog will be early as we have to be at Manchester Airport Terminal 3 for 1830. We are getting excited now.

Our mooring at Fairfield Junction. Not the most salubrious place but it very handy for us at the moment.

Macy enjoying the sunshine and being away from the noise of the drain in dry dock.

It has amazed me how much 'stuff' we have accumulated over five months. Some of it is clothes that we brought with us that we have never worn, some of it is the 'summer' clothes that we don't think we will need for a while, and some of it is jam, vinegars, vodkas etc that we have made on the boat and some is jars and bottles that we will need to bottle it all once completed. Therefore I don't think we have done too badly. It will be interesting to see what Macy the cat thinks about going home and resuming her old life. I hope that she doesn't get too used to it as she will be coming back to the boat with us next weekend.

Part of the pile of stuff to load up to take home. Note the crocheted bunting that Helen has made to welcome home Amy.

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