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Friday, 27 September 2013

Up, off and away!

There were a few little jobs to sort out before we flooded the dock. The main thing was to fit the reconditioned propeller. Crowther's had done a good job, and it didn't look like very much had been trimmed off. It had been polished up and balanced and didn't take long to fit. The split pin through the nut needed trimming to prevent stuff getting caught on it.

Looking at the refurbished propeller through the weed hatch.

We then had to fill up with water and wash the tunnel bands before re-hanging the fenders. The weed hatch also needed securing before flooding. Prior to us floating out of dock there had to be a little shuffling of boats down the arm to allow us to 'escape' and then the drain was closed and the top plank removed to allow the dock to fill.

The gate planks with a few leaks. This was how it was whilst we were in all the time.

The top plank removed and the water starting to fill the dock.

Water starting to fill in the dock.

It didn't take more than half an hour to fill up and then we were off and soon clear of the dry dock.

The dry dock. at Portland marina. It was good to get out and into the sunshine. It was a beautiful day too.

It cost £70 for going in and out the dock and £25 a day whilst in the dock. The blacking was £470. The cost of removal and replacement of the propeller, along with the refurbishment was £90. So not too bad, but not that cheap either. It is a good thing that blacking is only required every two years! Helen had the car to drive round to Droylsden and I went with the boat.

The foot path to Guide Bridge Station I took on Tuesday was between the two sets of railings.

Despite the Ahton Canal not being the most scenic of cuts there are some nice parts that could be in the middle of the countryside.

The leaves are just starting to go in some cases. This sycamore tree has a fantastic mix of colours and stands on the edge of the now demolished Robertson's jam factory.

At the first of the Ashton Locks is Fairfield Junction. Here a branch canal led off to Hollinwood. It terminated about a mile from the Rochdale canal. Wouldn't it cut out a lot of locks and time if the Hollinwood Branch canal was re-watered and extended to the Rochdale Canal as it would be a great short cut. We moored here and after lunch I set to taking the accumulated grime off the boat. We also put a couple of wash loads on too. I was washing down the st'bd side of the boat that is the off side, by walking along the gunwhale and of course I broke my duck, or acted like a duck, and fell in! First time ever. Apparently I was right under for a moment and as Helen was hanging the washing out she looked when she heard the splash and couldn't see me. I was soon out and wrung out my shirt and as the weather was great I just put it back on and finished the job.


  1. Helen why didn't you take a photo of Tony in the drink?!

  2. I don't think a photo is very appropriate more like helping tony out of the water! Tony you told me the canal isn't very deep. I'm a foot shorter than you so i would have drowned even though i can swim! Can't wait to see Amy.... hopefully Tuesday?

    1. Helen was too slow to get the camera as I was out again in very short order. I only went under as I fell in sideways. I could stand up okay, but the bottom didn't feel very nice so I just swam to the ladder. Not something to do every day though.