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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Bollington Bound.

We had a couple of pints in the Kings Head just down from the aqueduct last night and as it was raining when the alarm went we had a little lie in. By the time we left the sun was out and all seemed to be set for a nice cruise. Or so I tried to kid myself! The forecast was for the rain to start and only stop after lunch but as we were hoping to meet up with folk we left anyway. We were going to take water at Macclesfield but when we got there the tap had been removed!! I had seen a new tap just before wharf but was nearly past it and so carried on to the one I knew was there, but it wasn't! I could have reversed up but as it was chucking it down I didn't bother and just stopped and went for some milk and eggs.

Just before Macclesfield is this sunken boat, and with the moored boat on the offside it makes for a bit of a bit of a wriggle to get round.

As I was standing on the back end in the rain my mind turned to finer things. Helen was busy inside baking etc, and the buns were very nice indeed. As I passed through the bridges I grew to admire the beautiful shape of the bridges. There was no need to make them other than flat or even straight arches but these elliptical shapes really do look special, and the turn over bridges even more so.

Bridge 36 just past Macclesfield.

At least some of the wild life was enjoying the weather!

We arrived at Bollington and found our mooring from June was free so pulled in again. And of course the rain stopped almost straight away. It is just off the aqueduct and although not quite alongside it is a good place.

As promised a photograph of the planter with the winter plants in. Hopefully it will fill up more.

After a bite of lunch we decided to go for a walk in to West Bollington. Bollington is known as 'Happy Valley' and was a very industrial place at one time but is now a very good community. The Town Hall was a nice building and I particularly liked the the glass.

Bollington Town Hall.

Fan light and window glass with confident statement of purpose on them. There is now a new Civic Centre up the road too.

Helen at the Bollington Woodland Walk.

We walked to the recreation ground that has one a Green Flag Community Award and looked very well kept and with a woodland walk. We then walked up to Clarence Mill and back to the boat. A Niece and Nephew and nephew of mine came to see us on the boat before tea. Steph didn't stay long as she was going for a run as she is practicing for the Chester Marathon next weekend. Chris stayed and we swapped stories of Africa before he went to let Steph back in the house. We are looking forward to seeing them later.

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