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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Off back home.

I was up early this morning to see if I could get the cutting in finished before I left for home. I didn't manage it, but there isn't much to do. It seems that we will be floating out of the dry dock on Friday so I would have plenty of time to finish the job. Apparently the blacking is now finished with two coats on and needing 48hrs to cure. That time scale suits me anyway.

The walk along the tow path from Dunkinfield Junction was done in under 30 mins. The canal is not very appealing with plenty of rubbish in the water and on the towpath. There is also a film of oil on the surface of the water and a pervading smell of fuel in the air. It is definitely not the most appealing stretch of cut there is. Guide Bridge is getting a bit of a makeover as there is a new commuter car park and it is also getting a new booking hall. It is a good station as there are two lines from which trains stop. Trains to Rose Hill, which is a station in Marple, and a line to Hadfield that lies beyond Glossop high in the Pennines.

The train to Hull was several minutes late and it is amazing how quickly they are able to turn the trains round. We didn't manage to make up all the time by the time we arrived though. I took special notice on this trip and it took 20 mins to get to the Standedge Tunnel and by boat that will take us about four days. I seem to remember that we were through the tunnel in about 10 mins and I think it will be about 1hr 45 mins in the boat. My son was waiting to whisk me home from the airport and after a cup of tea we went shopping to get something in the house to eat. I then popped round to see my Mum and get the gossip from her. I was able to sort her next gas/electricity supply sorted as her current  deal runs out at the end of the month. Her best deal seems to be M&S Energy. I hope it is all smooth sailing.

When back at home I called C&RT and booked our Standedge Tunnel Passage for Friday 11th October. I expect it will be a bit nerve wracking when it come to the day as it is a lot of locks to go up to the tunnel to find that the boat is too big to fit through. I'm positive we are but.....

Sorry there are no photos today. I will try harder tomorrow. I have my dental appointment early then will be doing some jobs for my Mum.

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