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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Bosley Locks.

By the close of play yesterday there were four other boats ready to go up the locks today. We weren't going to be off early to get the locks first so just decided to go at out normal time. I couple had started up before us so the locks would be all against us.

View from the galley window this morning.

By the time we left the first lock the first boat coming down the locks arrived. This looked good for the rest of the locks.

Arriving at the first lock of the Bosley Locks.

The boats kept coming down and we exchanged chat about this and that. The weather looked like it may rain but it actually held off and was just right for doing lock work. They are just nicely apart so you can walk on and set them ahead if nothing is coming down.

Somebody checking out our progress.

Everything was going well until the middle of the flight and as we came out of the lock two boats that had obviously spent the night their pulled out ahead of us. That meant we were now in a queue and that all the locks would be against us. Good job we are not in a hurry and as it turned out there were more boats coming down.

Helen coming in to the lock, five from the top.

It is good to see that Helen has her glasses on and was able to see where she was going!

As we neared the top of the flight we got a different view of the Cloud. It seems that the locks were constructed from sandstone quarried from it's slopes.

From the top it was plain sailing if a little shallow and a bit narrow with reeds etc. We had to negotiate two swing bridges. The first was electrically operated and all went well. The second was hand operated but we arrived just as a boat crew had landed and were starting to swing it so straight through. We continued to the Gurnett Aqueduct and had a little walk down to the Garden Centre nearby. Our tubs have taken a pasting with the weather and it was time to get the winter plants in. I will have a photograph tomorrow. I took the back of the roof sliding hatch off to treat some rust spots I had noticed. I must remember to paint them up when we get a dry day.

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