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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Around and about.

The area around the high rise flats behind Cambrian wharf have plenty of trees and the Rowan berries are really red at the moment.

I'm not sure whether it is me, but all the boats close to me left this morning so I have a view on both sides. It is now a bit late for anybody to come now I think.

This morning I had a walk around the area to see if there is anything left of the old streets etc. I walked down the length of the Newhall Branch but could find no trace of it under new flats and roads. I then walked up the Main Line canal to the Round House and the Fiddle and Bone Pub. These buildings were actually built by the London and North Western Railway as a mineral and coal wharf in 1840. All the buildings left are Grade II listed. The Fiddle and Bone had been converted to a pub from its original use until about 2006 when it was closed down due to noise. It is a lovely building that can be entered from Sheepcote Street and the canal towpath. 

The ex Fiddle and Bone pub. It can be seen that the building had a previous use.

The Round House is not a maintenance shed with a turntable in the middle with spurs off the centre. It was built as a store and stable facility and is actually really a horseshoe shape.

This is the back of the Round House. I assume that the cellar type spaces are for the storage of minerals and coal. The photo was taken from the canal tow path. Thinking about it though maybe the cellars where for the storage of the carts etc and the minerals and coal were stored in heaps on the cobbles. A large open area had been sold off to build the new flats seen to the left of the photograph. 

As can be seen from the inside of the horseshoe a tunnel in the centre of the photo lead through to the storage level and the tow path side. The first level on this photo was for the stables and there are also stores, maintenance shops and offices. The photo was taken from the gate off Sheepcote Street. Either side of the gateway are also two house, probably for the manager etc. The whole lot is still for sale if you are interested in these very interesting buildings.

Behind the Flapper pub that overlooks Cambrian basin is a little enclave of original street and houses. It seems that these building may have been shops at one time with there large display windows. There are houses on either side of this little road that is truncated by the canal. The wall over looks the canal and the boaters services.

The Canal and Rivers Trust Office at Cambrian Wharf with the amenities and water points. The water points have just been renewed. They have installed more of these tine plate and padlock points. They have not here replaced the lovely cast iron ones as they were just the white enameled ones.

This photo was taken from the tow path and sows the wall where the previous picture was taken from. The number 43 can be seen on the house to the left. This is not the street number but the number of the BCN building. All the dwellings for lock keepers etc were numbered and there are many still displaying them. I have seen 109 but I'm not sure how many there were, and how many still belong to C&RT.

I finished moving the tunnel light from the top to bottom of the roof line where it is less vulnerable. I will have to check the direction when we get to a tunnel as there is nothing worse than being dazzled by a bright light in a narrow tunnel. 

This is where it used to be! We are taking water at Hawkesbury Junction what seem ages and ages ago.

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