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Thursday, 12 September 2013

For the first few locks we seemed to be in a slight queue. It turned out that there were two single handers a head of the pack that meant that, as the locks were spread out, we kept telescoping together. It wasn't a long delay and meant that we could chew the fat at each lock. The guys from 'Kathryn' gave us a bag of books that they had finished with too.

Helen swinging the windlass at the second lock of the day, Penkridge Lock No.38.

The locks are well spaced out and although the M6 runs close to the canal for a lot of todays lenght it still has a rural feel to it. Just before Deptmore Lock the M6 leaves the cut and the lock has a real isolated feel to it. In fact there didn't used to be a road to the locks cottages.

Deptmore Lock and cottages with Helen waiting for the lock to fill.

As the M6 went on it's way the sun came out and Macy came out too to sit on the roof and enjoy the fresh air. Everything was fine, she sat nicely and didn't try to jump off when we got in the lock and as we descended in to the dark, until Helen opened the gate and that seemed to freak her out and she kept trying to jump up onto the lock side. She then dashed in side. I'm not sure what spooked her but at least she didn't fall in.

Macy enjoying the sunshine on the roof.

Soon after the lock we came across Stafford Boat Club. The club house looks very palatial as does the dry dock. It may be a spot to moor in the future to take advantage of their facilities as the moorinbgs look nice too.

Stafford Boat Club and the bridge over the entrance to their moorings.

It has been busy with boats again today. I think it will take me a few days more to get used to the numbers after our time around the back of Birmingham. Most going our way seemed to be heading for Tixall Wide. We decided to stop earlier if a spot came up so that Macy could have a quiet place after being in the city for so long. Where there are loads of boats there are loads of dogs and Macy doesn't really get to have a wander about. There were also loads of blackberries to pick too.

A Comma butterfly soaking up the rays.

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