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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Chimney fabrications.

On the boat we have a fairly unusual chimney for the stove. Most are 6" diameter but ours is 7". Since we bought the boat we have had an old saucepan covering the flue outlet when the stove is not in use. And with the summer we have had there has been no suggestion of needing it since March. The weather is definitely tending to the autumnal and we may be flashing it up in the next few weeks so thought it was time to do something about it. In a conversation with an engineer when we were taking fuel earlier in the year I mentioned this and he mentioned that I should try making one of concrete! Well I have had  a think and have lashed up a mould out of old bits of scrap MDF and just filled it with sand and cement. The shape is wider at the top to cover the hole and then tapers below after a lip. We will see how it comes out. The plan then is to paint it to be more watertight and hopefully the weight will keep it in place without having to be a tight fit. Hopefully I wont be too embarrassed to show it when it comes out of the mould.

The mould for the chimney bung. At least somebody was showing an interest!

As we have an odd sized flue we have to have a 7" chimney. These don't appear to be easy to obtain off the shelf and so the builder had to provide a stainless steel one. As you will appreciate these are not cheap and we don't want to lose it. I wouldn't even be able to find it in the water with my sea searcher magnet! I have therefore bought some chain and shackles to secure it to the boat in case it is knocked off by trees or bridges.

Whilst I was out I went along to buy a couple of ink jet cartridges for our printer, a colour and black one. I casually entered the big store and found the ones I wanted and, and then nearly fainted. They wanted £23!!! Luckily I only had a twenty pound note so was unable to by it. I came home disgusted and found them on the internet for £7-95. They are refilled/reconditioned cartridges, not new, but still how can they justify that sort of mark up. If they had been about £10 in the shop I would have got them as I wanted them now. As it is I have ordered them on line and will wait for them. I have got four being delivered for the price of 1.5 from the shop.

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